MUSUBI DOJO, a place of ...

Background & history: From year to year one thing was growing more and more deep inside of us - the art of peace. After a long period of search the universe made us a sudden gift in november 2015 - a building, ideal to run our dojo. After some hundred of hours it started to bloom. We still have some things to fix, but it's a way - like Aikido. Isn't it beautiful to create peace. To show the people the way of harmony, to look at them when they fall into inner peace, discovering and developing and their selves. 

Our vision: Aikido is a martial art, of course, but it's even more. It's a way to the self, the mind, the body, the present moment, awareness. It's harmonizing and unifying - inside and outside, it's connecting people - it's creating peace. O'Sensei has created something very strong and beautiful: he turned deadly techniques and the intention of harming and killing in natural respect, love and peace. The philosophie of Aikido has the power to change all people, the world. Our mission is to build a program to create peace, not only for those, who are interested in martial arts.

MUSUBI means to be really here and know. The way to the present moment, is the way to the natural flow. It's a challenging and fulfilling journey to our selves and natural harmony. Aikido is a great tool of spiritual development and a peaceful mind. 


Let's build a dojo :)